Pay By SMS is simple to use but powerful tool that enables you to charge your website visitors for accessing restricted content on your WordPress website.

In order to access protected content, visitors need to buy an authorization code via Premium SMS – the most widespread and simplest payment solution.

Pay By SMS WordPress plugin enables you to accept Premium SMS payments from almost every county in the World and restrict an access to your content as simple as flick of a switch.

Premium SMS payment is a mobile-based billing method which enables the customer to pay for merchandise and services by means of SMS sent to a special short code. Such a service is called Premium SMS (PSMS).


  • Easy install and use
  • No shortcodes used
  • Just tick a checkbox to protect your content
  • Supports numerous Premium SMS service providers
  • Set up the general price for all posts or per post
  • No monthly or annual fees. Only one time payment for the plugin.

How does it work?

  • Website visitor comes to a page with restricted content where you display instructions for Premium SMS payment;
  • Visitor sends an SMS message with an assigned keyword to an assigned short number;
  • Premium SMS provider’s server notifies your website about this event by an HTTP request in the background;
  • Your website generates onetime authorization code and sends it back to Premium SMS provider as an HTTP reply;
  • Premium SMS provider forwards the authorization code to an originating mobile number and charges user for a defined amount;
  • Visitor enters received authorization code and gains an access to the restricted content.

Just register for premium SMS service at one of the existing Premium SMS providers, set up the price, currency, shortcode, keyword and tick a checkbox on your website Post or Page to protect it.